Parents of children with additional needs can benefit from having access to a support network. A supportive network of the parents can offer each other both practical and emotional support, reducing the feeling of isolation that can creep into the lives of those parenting children with additional needs.

Last Friday, we kicked off our first Parents Supporting Parents (PSP) morning tea. We such a wonderful time, we had that ever elusive opportunity to finish not one, but many conversations. We were able to listen to each other’s experiences, allowing each other to explain when challenges crop up during the day and how difficult some times of the day are. It was a really special time.

Some common experiences chatted about were –

  • the challenges of parenting siblings of children with additional needs- balancing time 🙂
  • finding and keeping great support worker
  • how to transition a new support worker into your home
  • both the challenges and the rewards of transitioning children between school

Each Friday morning, I will be facilitating a morning tea for parents of children with additional needs.

Please join us!! Click here to learn more about the Parents Supporting Parents (PSP) morning tea

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Emily – Mummel Road 


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