This is a shout out to the parents out there who are about to embark on the journey of toilet training. If this is you, you probably feel slightly nervous about the prospect of toilet training. However, I am here to set you on the path to success (with a few mistakes on the way 😊).

You may get the inkling that your child is ready to embark on their transition from nappies to using the toilet if they start doing the following things:

  • Having dry nappies for 2 or more hours
  • telling you when they have done a #1 or a number #2
  • Start taking their nappies off to do a #1 or a #2
  • Start looking at the toilet, pointing to the toilet or asking about the toilet
  • Pulling up their own pants

What next?

Begin talking to your child about using the toilet. A great place to start is accessing a social story which introduces your child to using the toilet in a fun and interesting way. Check out the Mummel Road social story called ‘I am ready to start using the toilet’. Read the social story to your each day for a week, giving them some time to learn more about going to the toilet.

Next, make the decision about whether a potty on the ground or a step up to the house toilet is going to work better for your child and your family.
The action starts!

*Ask your child to sit on the potty or the toilet from approx. 3 minutes as part of their routine. For example in the morning after they have woken up, and before and after meal times

*If your child is holding the front of their pants, wiggling, or passing wind they may need to use the toilet, use this as an opportunity to encourage them to try. Offer verbal praise if they use the toilet

*Don’t leave your child on the toilet for longer than 4-5 minutes if they haven’t done a wee or a poo, as this may instigate feelings of fear or concern for them .

Good luck with these first steps. Keep an eye out for a follow up post that discusses reward systems for your child, keeping the toilet and your child clean and how to determine if this attempt of toilet training may have been started too early.

Bye for now.

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