Imagine this, you have a child with complex behavioural needs, you are a working parent, you have other children who have complex needs too and you haven’t had a moment to gather your thoughts in years.

Then, your local GP recommends that you find a behaviour support practitioner to come to your home to support you and your family. At first, this seems like a dream come true, however then you start to worry. Will they judge me because my house is messy, will they judge me if they come on a Tuesday when I have all my kids at home and my house is a zoo, will they judge me because my child’s behaviour has been classed as ‘out of control’, will they think that I am lazy because my son likes to hoard things and I can’t seem to ever contain the mess, will they judge me for working or will they think “why haven’t you asked for help before”?

So many worries! So many doubts. I come back to the heading of this post, ‘What Makes a Good Behaviour Support Practitioner’, and the answer is a practitioner who walks into your home on the first day and within minutes has allayed any fears you have about judgement and criticism.

You will know when you have found your person and you will watch your family thrive under their guidance.

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