Recently, I have been shedding light on why exercise is an evidence based practice for individuals who are on the autism spectrum. During lockdown, it can be difficult to access our regular places for exercise such as sporting clubs, gyms or, in some instances, the playground. I may have a solution to help some of you kick off being more active within your home.

A very important lady in my life, who also happens to be a fully qualified yoga instructor who specialises in yoga for both children and adults, offered to put together some simple yoga moves for you to try at home.

Over the coming weeks, Phuong will create some more videos. Each video will focus on a particular skill. The first video focusses on balance. Practicing and developing our balance skills is so important as it offers us the opportunity to increase our core strength and muscle tone. Children, particularly children with autism spectrum disorder, can have low core strength leading to difficulties with fine motor tasks and engagement. An increase in core strength and muscle tone can also increase an individual’s engagement with physical activity. Please head to my post about the benefits of exercise to brush up on this information.

Take some time to watch the video and try to incorporate some of the moves into your daily routine.

Why not give these a go in your home. Build it into your daily routine and get those muscles working. To see more of Phuong’s yoga content, please head to her Facebook page: Phuongie Yoga (

Good luck and happy balancing to you all!

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